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Political Art Documentation/Distribution (PAD/D) Archive: Additional Resources

Additional Resources

To provide further context, below are a selection of organizations and other archives which will help with further research. The New York City art world in the 1980's was defined by being extraordinarily collaborative and constantly active. Some of the organizations listed below were either started by PAD/D members, or were frequent collaborators of PAD/D. They contain materials directly related to the daily activities of likeminded organizations and, in some cases, PAD/D itself.

Other Archival Collections

Lucy Lippard Papers (AAA)

The Smithsonian Archives of American Art has a fantastic collection of the personal papers of PAD/D founder and historic art critic, Lucy Lippard. The collection includes her notes, writings, correspondence, and exhibition invitation and announcements. The bulk of the materials span the years 1960-1990 which encompasses PAD/D's lifespan. A small selection of items have also been digitized and are available on their website.


Dark Matter Archives

Dark Matter Archives is a webpage built and operated by PAD/D member Gregory Sholette. His book, Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture, published in 2011 explores political art as it has evolved from the 1980's to today. His website of the same name features a full run of digitized Upfront issues, as well as issues from other publications of the time such as Art and Artists, Cultural Correspondence and Red Herring. 


 ABC No Rio 

ABC No Rio is a non-profit arts organization founded in 1980 and originally located in the Lower East Side in Manhattan. They were born out of the historic exhibition The Real Estate Show in 1979 hosted by artist group, Colab. It originally operated as a communal space for local artists, frequently hosting small exhibitions, spoken word performances, and music festivals. PAD/D and ABC No Rio were neighbors of sorts, and both concerned themselves with the gentrification of their neighborhood. PAD/D held some meetings and performances in their space. A finding aid of ABC No Rio's archives is available on their website.


 Artists Space Archive (NYU)

Artist Space was founded in 1972 in an effort to provide additional support for young emerging artists outside of the gallery and museum world, funded by the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA). Many artists who were involved in Artist Space programs also participated in or were affiliated with PAD/D, such as Lucy Lippard, Vito Acconci, Barbara Kruger, and Louise Lawler.


Exit Art Archive (NYU)

Exit Art was founded in 1982 by PAD/D member Papo Colo and Jeannette Ingberman as an alternative gallery space at 336 Canal Street (before moving to 578 Broadway in 1984, then later Hell's Kitchen in the late 1990's). PAD/D held many of their events and meetings there, and they collaborated frequently.



Franklin Furnace

Franklin Furnace, founded in 1976 by Martha Wilson, is a long-standing non-profit artist organization. Currently located at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Franklin Furnace has an impressive historical archive of the organization. Their early days focused largely on time-based art, such as performance art, video art, and and installations. PAD/D and Franklin Furnace have a long collaborative history, as they do many other organizations. 


Gran Fury

Gran Fury formed out of the AIDS action group, ACT UP, and operated from 1988-1995. This collective created public arts, often flyers, posters, and billboards, around New York City. Many flyers and posters are present in the PAD/D Archive. Their work has now entered the public domain and can be found on their website. New York Public Library also has an extensive collection that can be found here.