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Archives, Library, and Research Collections
Online Resources


MoMA Exhibition History


The MoMA exhibition history site comprises web pages for all exhibitions in MoMA and MoMA PS1's history, more than 5000 exhibitions! These pages contain digitized exhibition catalogues, installation photographs, press releases, and master checklists-- all critical resources for scholars and fascinating material for casual browsers.

MoMA Archives Image Database (MAID)


MoMA Archives Image Database (MAID) contains approximately 50,000 digitized from our collections, including letters, art documentation and ephemera, images of artists and art-world personalities, installation photographs of MoMA and MoMA PS1 exhibitions, historical views of the Museum building and Sculpture Garden, administrative records, and more. You can search MAID by keyword or browse by date range.

MoMA Through Time


MoMA through Time is an incomplete history of MoMA and MoMA PS1 as told through objects in the archives. This interactive microsite allows our archives to come alive, at this moment when the Museum is closed to the public. Photographs, letters, videos, and ephemera from the archives tell some of MoMA and MoMA PS1’s most ground-breaking, controversial, and wild stories, from the Museum’s 1929 founding by three visionary women to the opening of the new MoMA this past Fall.

Press Releases


The Museum’s press releases have been digitized and are available on the Press Release Archives website, organized by year. More than 7000 press releases going back to the founding of the Museum in 1929.

GitHub: Exhibition and Staff History


This research dataset lists 1,788 exhibitions, representing all of the known exhibitions held at the museum from 1929 through 1989. All known curators and organizers, artists and other participants are listed for each exhibition. A total of 11,550 constituents are represented in this dataset, approximately 5,900 of them not currently represented in MoMA’s permanent collection of artworks.

GitHub: Collection


This research dataset contains 139,018 records, representing all of the works that have been accessioned into MoMA’s collection and cataloged in our database. It includes basic metadata for each work, including title, artist, date made, medium, dimensions, and date acquired by the Museum. The Artists dataset contains 15,715 records, representing all the artists who have work in MoMA's collection and have been cataloged in our database. It includes basic metadata for each artist, including name, nationality, gender, birth year, death year, Wiki QID, and Getty ULAN ID.

Archives Exhibitions


The Archives has held periodic exhibitions of materials drawn from its collections. These exhibitions have showcased newly acquired collections, highlighted lesser-known parts of the Archives, and examined particular periods or aspects of the Museum’s history through photographs, correspondence, exhibition records, ephemera, and other documentary evidence.

Library Exhibitions


The library has held periodic exhibitions of materials drawn from its collections. These exhibitions have showcased newly acquired collections, highlighted lesser-known parts of the Library, and examined particular periods or aspects of the Museum’s history through Library resources.

NYARC Web Archiving


MoMA, as part of the New York Art Resources Consortium, collects and preserves websites across the internet, starting with but including the websites of auction houses, galleries, online catalogue raisonnés, and artist websites, many of which change rapidly and don't store their own history. Users can search and browse these websites via, Archive-It, a service provided by the Internet Archive and see what the art world web looked like, at any point in the past.

MoMA Library Catalog


MoMA's Library Catalog includes records for all material in the Library and Archives, including books, periodical titles, exhibition catalogues, pamphlet files, artists’ books, special collections materials, and electronic resources, and also includes records and links to resources across and the broader internet.

Library "Highlights" Research Guides


Library collection strengths include Surrealism, Dada, Conceptual art, and artists’ books, among other areas. Highlights in a variety of subjects (Surrealism, Guerrilla Girls) are compiled in this growing section.

Oral History


The Museum of Modern Art Archives has long recognized the value of oral history as a fundamental way to capture gaps in the written record, preserve the firsthand recollections of the individual in his or her own voice, and enrich the work of scholars and curators. To date, the Archives has created over 100 oral histories, with PDF transcripts available on our website.

Archives Finding Aids


Guides to over 120 of the Archives' collections are found on our website. Finding aids not only contain an inventory of the specific record set, but also provide extensive historical and biographical notes detailing the importance of those records to MoMA's history and their ongoing relevance to scholarship.

ALRC Blog Posts


The Archives' Selected Readings site lists ALRC blog posts in MoMA Magazine, Medium, and Inside/Out.

External Resources

Non-MoMA Resources


Getty Research Portal


The Getty Research Portal™ is a free online search platform providing worldwide access to an extensive collection of digitized art history texts from a range of institutions. This multilingual and multicultural union catalog affords art historians and other researchers the ability to search and download complete digital copies of publications devoted to art, architecture, material culture, and related fields.

The National Emergency Library


To address the unprecedented global and immediate need for access to reading and research materials, the Internet Archive suspended waitlists for the 1.4 million (and growing) books in their lending library by creating a National Emergency Library to serve the nation’s displaced learners. This suspension will run through June 30, 2020, or the end of the US national emergency, whichever is later.