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Kairan: Mail Art Forum - KS


Kairan: Mail Art Forum. Gianni Simone, Editor. Johnnyboy Production, Kanagawa-ken, Japan. 2000-2001.

No. 1 (May 2000). Photocopy and Mixed Media. 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 51 pages. Text driven periodical on the critical Mail Art issues of the day. Articles by Henning Mittendorf (Germany), "The Artist at the Beginning of the new Millennium (Part 1)"; Ruggero Maggi (Italy), "No  Aesthetics But Ethics!"; César Reglero (Spain), "For a Millennium of Life. No to Death Penalty"; Guido Vermeulen (Belgium), "Mirror Medicine"; Theo Breuer (Germany), My-mail-Art-ABC-News No. 5," and "Preface to YE No. 7 1999/2000." Special Feature; Mail Artists vs. Professional Artists, featuring articles by Clemente Padin, "Debate on Mail Art"; John Held, jr. (USA), "Point of View"; Charles Berg, "The Stamp Art and Postal History of Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna"; Michael Thompson, "Reply." Other articles include Vittore Baroni (Italy), "Mail Art & Internet," Ruggero Maggi (Italy), "Mail Art & Technology." More. Graphics by Michael Thompson (USA), Anna Banana Canada), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan), et al. "this is copy #11 of Issue # 2.

No. 2 (November 2000). Photocopy and Mixed Media. 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 55 pages. Texts by the editor, "Mail Art and Money Do Mix (But We Can Limit the Damage);" Hannamaija Teisko (Finland) and Luc Fierens (Belgium), "Letters and comments to Issue #1;" Henning Mittendorf, "The Artist at the Beginning of the New Millennium (Part 2);" John Held, Jr. (USA), "Mail Art ABC;" Geert De Decker (Belgium), "Critical Notes About E-Mail Art;" Gianni Simone (Japan), "The David Dellafiora Tape Interview;" Clemente Padin (Uruguay), "Trends in Mail Art Mr. Jensen Wants;" K. Frank Jensen (Denmark), "Defining Mail Art;" Stephen Perkins (USA), "SMILE Magazine: Collective Identities and the Mechanics of Historicisation;" Michael Leigh (England), "Mail Art ABC;" et al. Graphics by Keith Bates (England), John M. Bennett (USA), Emilio Morandi (Italy), et al. "This is copy #20 of issue #2."

No. 3 (May 2001). Photocopy and Mixed Media. 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 52 pages. Special issue commemorating the 20th anniversary of TRAX project by Vittore Baroni (Italy) and Piermario Ciani (Italy). Texts by Henning Mittendorf (Germany), "Hommage a the TRAX Saga;" Wilfried Nold (Germany), "Mail Art and the 'Cosmic Cross';" The Sticker Dude (USA), "A Question of Balance;" Vittore Baroni (Italy), "TRAX-the 20th Anniversary Commemorative Rant;" Gianni Simone (Japan), "Retracing the TRAX;" Sztuka Fabrika (Belgium), "Mail Art ABC;" Dobrica Kamperelic (Yugoslavia), "The Shortway of the Mind/The Diagonale of Presentiment;" Keith Bates (England), "A Draft Manifesto of Abstract Realism; et al. Graphics by Bruno Capatti (Italy), David Dellafiora (Australia), Emilio Morandi (Italy), Jürgen Olbrich (Germany), et al.

No. 4 (November 2001). Photocopy and Mixed Media. 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 51 pages. Articles by K. Frank Jensen (Denmark), "When is a Documentation a Documentation?;" Guido Vermeulen (Belgium), "On Documentation;" Ruediger Boettcher (Germany), "Accumulator of Networking Spirit (A Purifying Mail Action);" David Baptiste Chirot (USA), "Mail Art: Refuse/Refuse;" Reed Altemus (USA), "Copy-Art;" Jürgen Olbrich (Germany), "Touching the Material: Some Thoughts About My Copy-Art;" Gianni Simone (Japan), "A Question of Style?" Special section on "The Balkans," featuring works by Sasa Stojanovic (Yugoslavia), Slavko Mali (Yugoslavia), Svjetland Mimica (Croatia), Dobrica Kamperelic (Yugoslavia), Predrag Petrovic (Yugoslavia). Additional graphics by Trajce Blazevski (Macedonia), Tatjana Cvejin (Yugoslavia), Slatko Krstevski (Macedonia), Dusan Lesevic (Yugoslavia), Miroljub Todorovic (Yugoslavia), et al.     


Kaldron: A Journal of Visual Poetry and Language. Karl Kempton, Editor. Grover City, California, 1980-1982

No. 11 (Summer 1980). Newsprint. 17 1/2"x11". (20 pages). Contributions by Scott Helmes (USA), Betty Danon (Italy), Bill Gaglione (USA), Paul Zelevansky (USA), Vittore Baroni (Italy), K. S. Ernst (USA), R. Saunders (USA), Miroljub Toderovic (Yugoslavia), A. de Araugo (Brazil), Bern Porter (USA), et al. Publication reviews.

No. 12 (Winter Solstice 1980). Newsprint. 17 1/2"x11". (24 pages). Russian Futurism visual poetry by Illya Zdanevich (1919), curated by Gerald Janecek (USA).

No. 13 (1981). Newsprint. 17 1/2"x11". (20 pages). Typewriter poems by the editor.

No. 14 (Spring Equinox 1981). Newsprint. 17 1/2"x11". (20 pages). Contributions of visual poetry by Ruth Wolf-Rehfield (East Germany), Vittore Baroni (Italy), Betty Danon (Italy), Guillermo Deisler (Bulgaria), Giovanni Fontana (Italy), A. de Araujo (Brazil), Scott Helmes (USA), et al.

No. 15 (Fall Equinox 1982). Newsprint. 17 1/2"x11". (20 pages). Contributions of visual poetry by Marilyn R. Rosenberg (USA), Miekal And (USA), Vittore Baroni (Italy), Robert Rehfield (East Germany), Miroljub Todorovic (Yugoslavia), A. de Araugo (Brazil). Paulo Bruscky (Brazil), Guillermo Deisler (Bulgaria), Ruth Wolf-Rehfield (East Germany), David Cole (USA), et al. Publication reviews and notices.   

Karta Zine. Bartek Nowak, Editor. Myszkow, Poland. (1995).

No. 12 ([1995]). Assembling magazine. Contributions by A. De Araujo (Brazil), Michael Lumb (England), Peter Netmail (Germany), Fa GaGaGa (USA), Paulo Bruscky (Brazil), David Dellafiora (Australia), Stephen Perkins (USA), Giovanni Strada (Italy), Michael Fox (Germany), Keiichi Namamura (Japan), et al.  


KFR-(Kentucky Fried Royalty) Indibase Newsflyer. Andreas Heilwagen, Editor. Sinzig, West Germany. (1990).

([1990]). Computer print. 5"x4 1/4". (5 pages). "We are searching for contacts, interested in Mail Art, especially Computer Mail Art."


Kettle of Fisk. Afungusboy, Editor. Brockport, New York; Laurel, New Jersey; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (1991-1993).

Vol. 2, No. 1 ([1991]). Photocopy and Mixed Media. 7"x4 1/4". 16 pages. Graphics by the editor. (Published in Brockport, New York).

Vol. 2, No. 4 ([1992]). Photocopy and Rubber Stamp. 4 1/4"x3 1/2". (36 pages). Contributions by Mike Diana (USA), buZ blurr (USA), fucci (USA), Jake Berry (USA), Arturo Fallico (USA), Michel Pollard (People's Republic of China), et al. (Published in Laurel, New Jersey).

Vol. 2, No. 5 ([March 1992]). Photocopy. 4"x3 1/2". 31 pages. Contributions by Hoagart (USA), Arturo G. Fallico (USA), Larry Angelo (USA), Citizen X. (Japan), Mike Diana (USA), et al.

Vol. 3, No. 1 ([1992]). Photocopy and Mixed Media. 5 1/2"x4 1/4". 29 pages. Interview with John M. Bennett (USA). "Memories and Archives," by John Held, Jr. (USA). "My archives are the echo of my crying out to the network. The archive becomes a result of my communication with others. All my correspondence is used to elicit a response. My archives tell me how I'm doing. They are the summation of my desires and obsessions." "Archive (ing): Notes from the Network," with statements by Michel Pollard (China), J.K. Post (USA),, Nicol Kostic (USA) and Larry Angelo (USA). "Nakedwomen: Mail Art Project Documentation." Contributions by Geof Huth (USA), Arturo G. Fallico (USA), Kingdom of Edelweiss (USA), Musicmaster (USA), Crackerjack Kid (USA), et al. Publication notices. (Published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania).  

Vol. 3, No. 2 ([1993]). Photocopy. 5 1/2"x4 1/4". 31 pages. Editorial. "Some Thoughts on: Xerox Art vs. hand made Art," with replies by M. B. Corbett (USA), Rubber Grace (USA), et al. "(This is Not a Lecture: From a Letter to afungusboy Dated August 21, 1991)," by John Held, Jr. (USA). " I'm not sure how to react to your frustration about the lack of quality in the replies you get to your work, or no reply at all. I answer everything and try to make as little distinction as possible between quality/non-quality, age of correspondents, longevity in the network, etc. People grow. Those who mail junk today might end up as the masters of tomorrow. It's a question of patience. You need to cultivate it if you want to hang around the network. Of course, equals tend to find each other. It's a search and an adventure. I urge you to continue on the path in spite of the obstacles. It's worth it."  More documentation of the "Naked Women Project." Motivations for networking by Peter Küstermann (Germany). "Influences," by Arturo G. Fallico (USA). Publication reviews. Addition contributions by Michel Pollard (USA), Julee Peezlee (USA), Michael Kaczynski (Poland), Shigeru Tamaru (Japan), buZ blurr (USA). et al.

Vol. 3, No. 3 ([1993]). Photocopy. 5 1/2"x4 1/4". 32 pages. Editorial. "Networking," by the editor. "(What is) International Networker Culture (Anyway)?," by John Held, Jr. (USA). "Television Mailart Project Documentation." Publication reviews. Additional contributions by Jean-Claude Gagnon (Canada), Mike Diana (USA), Mike Dyar (USA), Nonlocal Variable (USA), Art Ala Carte (USA), et al. 


Kinokaze: Report from the Underground. Mischievous Productions, Editor. London, England. 1993.

No. 2 (1993). Photocopy, 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 44 pages. Interview with David Greenberger (USA), Editor of "Duplex Planet." "Neo vs. Neo," Paddy pain interviews Stewart Home (England) and Monty Cantsin (AKA Istvan Kantor) (Canada). "Like many avant-garde groups, the Neoists have been plagued by in-fighting and splits. The most notorious was the 1985 split initiated by Stewart Home, novelist, polemicist and provocateur. Home's version of Neoism was published in 1991 by AK Press as "The Neoist Manifestoes."

kontexts. Michael Gibbs, Editor. Amsterdam, Holland. 1976/1977.

No. 9/10 (Winter 1976/1977). Newsprint and Mixed Media. 10 3/4"x8 1/4". (88 pages). Contributions by Dick Higgins (USA), Fred Truck (USA), Scott Helmes (USA), Peter Meyer (Sweden), Ulises Carrión (Holland), Robin Crozier (England), Endre Tot (Hungary), et al. News. Publication reviews. Contributing Editor, Ulises Carrión.


Kreuz-Aktionen. Wilfred Nold, Editor. Frankfurt, Germany. 2001.

(2001). Offset. 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 48 pages. "I have provided a written accompaniment to the 'Cosmic Cross' in the form of the 'Kreuz-Aktionen' series of journals, with a total of five issues and two special issues. The project and the publications are the result of a personal research programme which I initiated for myself, for which I am solely responsible, and which I finance on a private basis. The practical realization of this idealistic idea was only made sufficiently possible through the medium of Mail Art..." "The Graffiti v Mail Art Project," by Joe Decie (England).


Kryptogame. Hanna Bremer and Jack Marlow, Editor. Bremen, Germany. 1980.

No. 2 (April 1980). Offset and Mixed Media. 11 1/2"x8 1/4". 93 pages. Contributions by Vittore Baroni (Italy), Michel Corfou (France), Opal Louis Nations (USA), et al.


KS. K. S., Editor. Vancouver, Canada. 1982.

No. 47 (1982). Photocopy and Mixed Media. 6 1/2"x4 1/4". (28 pages). Contributions by Gerald Jupitter-Larsen (Canada), Piermario Ciani (Italy), Birger Jesch (East Germany), Vittore Baroni (Italy), Lon Spiegelman (USA), Alex Torrid Zone Igloo (USA), A. De Araugo (Brazil), Carlo Pittore (USA), Ruggero Maggi (Italy), Ed Varney (Canada), Robert Swierkiewicz (Hungary), et al.