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H23 - Humbolt Da-Jest


H23. Ron Rice, Editor. Pullman, Washington. 1989.

Vol. 1, No. 1 (Spring 1989). Newsprint. 11"x8 1/2". 30 pages. Contains an interview with Daniel Plunkett (USA), Editor of "ND." "I also started getting mail from mail-artists as my name would appear from time to time as a contact. I became a real addict about the idea of exchanging art, music and ideas with people from all over the world." Publication reviews.


Ham. John E. Mumbles, Editor. Wichita, Kansas. 1988-1989.

([1988]). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x5 1/2". (4 pages). Graphics by Al Ackerman (USA) and F(ran). C(utrell). Rutkovsky (USA).

No. 3 (March 1989). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x5 1/2". (4 pages). Text and graphic by Al Ackerman (USA). Contributions by F. C. Rutkovsky (USA) and The Haddock (USA).     


Hapunkt Special. Hapunkt Fix, Editor. Berlin, Germany. 1986.

Vol. 2, No. 1 (Summer 1986). Photocopy. 5 3/4"x4 1/4". 8 pages. "Mail Art Corner." "The Sound of Neoism." Explanation of Fair Info Xchange. The FIX is a project to spread around news. It's neither a magazine nor a newspaper. It is a collection of original works, infor sheets & invitations to contribute/collaborate, which artists & labels have sent me."


HalfLife Network Magazine. Scott Armstrong, Des McLean, Don McPartland, Andrea Wheeler, Editors. Glassboro State College, Glassboro, New Jersey. (1991).

No. 11 ([1991]). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x7". (4 pages). Contributor list for Issue #11. Includes 37 contributors including Mike Dyar (USA), Jennifer Huebert (USA), Pascal Lenoir (France), Ashley Parker Owens (USA), Carol Stetser (USA), et al.   


HeMisA-Book. Henning Mittendorf, Editor. Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 1995-1996.

No. 2B (1995). Photocopy. 5 1/4"x5 3/4". 15 pages. "What is Mail Art?" "In the following mail art is dealt with principally from the fine art's point of view, not at last because it is this field of art that is mainly represented in mail art."

No. 1B (1996). Photocopy. 5 1/4"x5 3/4". 9 pages. "Visual Experimental Poetry." "Especially as part of the network visual poetry develops an additional quality. Circulating within the network it takes part in the alternative art's process: It is not any longer steered by economical calculation, it is impulse and effect of concerned artists and creative people interconnected through the global Eternal Network, the eternal dialogue, 'multilogue', cognitive-communication process of the network and part of the interconnected perspectives' change as evolving knowledge's organisation."

No. 3B (1996). Photocopy and rubber stamps. 5 1/4"x5 3/4". 11 pages. "Naked Art as Mail Art: Included Some General Remarks About Man's Body and Soul as a Whole." "Naked art becomes more effective, more effective as art, when becoming a part of mail art as the optimum exemplary artistic concept of influencing communication and cognition by interconnected discoursive perspectives' change to get improved viable realities' constructions, artistic ones and beyond that. Then naked art becomes coordinated between concerned people and spread beyond them gobally."


herd. Jennifer Heubert. Rifton, New York; Chicago, Illinois. 1993-1995.

Vol. 1, No. 1 ([1993]). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x7 1/4". 14 pages. "Winding up 1992, the Year of the Networker, is HERD. This is a forum for women who are active in the mail and men who wish to contribute...The responses gathered here have been gleaned from women in many different facets of this 'Eternal Network'...mail artist, visual artist, networker, rubberstamper, 'zine artist." Statements by Elissa Rashkin (USA), Carol Stetser (USA), Jenny Soup (USA), Lilian Ward (England), Ashley Parker Owens (USA), Pat Fish (USA), Helena Perkins (USA), Tarzana Savannah (USA), Graciela Marx (Argentina), LaVona Sherarts (USA), Julie Bloch (USA), Carol Schneck (USA), Arto Posto (USA), Honoria (USA), Anna Banana (Canada), et al.

([June 1993]). Photocopy. 7 1/2"x5 1/2". 17 pages. Gender in Mail Art. "'Do women perceive mail artists as an aggressive club?' I was asked some time ago by an active male-mail-artist. If you're talking about the whole art world, well then, Yes! Individuals don't generally act in an aggressive, impersonal manner but GROUPS do. And the collective power of the male-dominated (art) world (see page 3) is felt by women! Many women tell me they feel alienated, choose not to participate in, or have LEFT the network." Statements by Julie Tant (England), Crackerjack Kid (USA), Marilyn R. Rosenberg (USA), Anna Banana (Canada), et al. Publication notices.

No. 3 ([January 1994]). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x7". (18 pages). "Welcome to the Networking Issue about mail art and the Eternal Network. How terrific it can be to be a networker, how essential in this age of information! The Networker has evolved from Mail Artist, responding to the tremendous volume of information out there today...Each networker's interpretation of the mail art world is different, depending on their involvement. Some people have a handle on the 'big picture', other's sphere of interaction is close and personal. One can't assume the mail artist has any grasp on mail art history or even a full picture of what is considered a 'Networker'. It is happening, being created, right now. There are no complete source references on it, few mail art historians or histories to peruse. You just need to do it to discover its past. Mail Art is not exactly covered in Art History courses; though it has been around for over 25 years (longer than me!)." Includes "Mail Art by Carolyn Substitute." Letters by Rea Nikonova (Russia), M. B. Corbett (USA), Crackerjack Kid (USA), John Held, Jr. (USA, Stephen Perkins (USA), Julia Tant (England), FaGaGaGa (USA), et al. "Mail Art Gender and Other Myths," by Crackerjack Kid (USA). Publication reviews. Pullout contains a list of Mail Art publications cited by John Held, Jr. (USA) during a lecture at the V&A Museum, London.

No. 4 (February 1995). Color and B&W Photocopy, rubber stamps. (18 pages). Editor relocates to Chicago, Illinois. "herd this time is about feminine protection, food, aggression and cars."


Hexa'gono. Edgardo-Antonio Vigo, Editor. La Plata, Argentina. 1971-1974.

Issue a (1971). Offset and Mixed Media. 11"x10". (5 pages). Visual poetry by the editor. Contributions by Jochen Gerz (France), Carlos Ginzbug (Argentina), and Germano Celant (Italy).

Issue a-b (1971). Offset and Mixed Media. 11"x10". (6 pages). Visual and concrete poetry by the editor. Contributions by Clemente Padin (Uruguay), Jochen Gerz (France), and Klaus Groh (West Germany). 

Issue a-c (1971). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (12 pages). "foew&ombwhnw" by Dick Higgins. In Spanish. Visual poetry by the editor.

Issue b-c (1971). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". 8 pages. Contributions from Hans-Werner Kalkmann (West Germany), Julien Blaine (France), Klaus Groh (West Germany), et al. Visual Poetry by the editor. Essay on Walter Benjamin.

Issue b-d ([1972]). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (9 pages plus enclosures). Rubber stamped envelope by Robin Crozier (England). Visual Poetry by the editor. "Múltiples Presentaciones de Imágenes Imigráficas."

Issue b-e (1972). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (9 pages plus 6 page "comic strip"). "La Calle: Escenario del arte Actual," by the editor. Visual Poetry "comic-strip, "La (in) communicacion de los Medios de Comunicacion Masivos (por caso la TV)," by the editor. Contributions by Betty Radin, Anna Esposito and Miarella Bentivoglio.

Issue c-d (1973). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (12 pages). Includes newsletter from CAYC (Centro de Arte y Communicación), Buenos Aires, Argentina; a page of rubber stamp impressions; contributions by Zabala (Argentina), Alberto Pellegrino, Bercetche, J. C. Romero (Argentina), et al. Vistual Poetry by the editor.

Issue c-e ([1973]). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". Sealed (too fragile to open).

Issue c-f (1973). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (unpaged.). Assembling magazine. Contains the periodical, "Arte Argentino de Vanguardia," No. 1, December 1973, with works by Argentine artists Benveniste, Leonetti, Pazos, Romero, Vigo and Zabala. Contributions by Juan Bercetche (Argentina) and Horacio Zabala (Argentina), Carlos Ginzburg (Argentina) and the editor.

Issue d-e (1974). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (11 pages). Assembling magazine. Portfolio containing works by Barrlete, Horacio Zabala (Argentina), Jorge Glusberg (Argentina),Luis Pazos (Argentina), and the editor.

Issue d-f (1974). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (13 pages). Assembling magazine. Portfolio with contributions by E. Leonetti/J. C. Romero (Argentina), Chuck Stake (Canada), Jorg Glusberg (Argentina), Endre Tót (Hungary), Horacio Zabala (Argentina), Amelia Toledo (Argentina), Michael Joseph Phillips (USA), Guillermo Deisler (Chile), Clemente Padin (Uruguay), and the editor.

Issue d-g (1974). Offset and Mixed Media. 11""x10". (2 pages). Contributions by Garcia Palou, E. Leonetti, J. C. Romeo, and the editor. (In sealed portfolio with bullet holes [?].)


High Performance. Linda Frye Burnham, Editor. Los Angeles, California. 1981.

Vol. 4, No. 3 (Fall 1981). 11"x8 1/2". 75 pages. Special "Correspondence Art," section. Excerpts from "Correspondence Art: Source Book for the Network of International Postal Art Activity," by Mike Crane and Mary Stofflet (Contemporary Art Press, 1984). Advanced look at excerpted texts by Mary Stofflet (USA), Michael Crane (USA), Anna Banana (Canada), Judith Hoffberg (USA), Geoffrey Cook (USA), Richard Craven (USA), Ken Friedman (USA) and Georg Gugelberger, Ulises Carrion (Holland), and Dick Higgins (USA). Illustrated with works by Eric Metcalfe (Canada), Endre Tot (Hungary), Anna Banana (Canada), Ray Johnson (USA), Pauline Smith (England), John Dowd (USA), Vincent Trasov (Canada). Special pages by E. F. Higgins (USA), Billy Curmano (USA), Lerner & Turner (USA), Nancy Frank (USA), Lon Spiegelman (USA), Jerri Allyn (USA), Jeffrey Vallance (USA) and Monique Safford (USA).   


Historians Anonymous. Scott Garinger, Editor. El Segundo, California. 1996-1998.

No. 1 (Spring 1996). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x5 1/2". 18 pages. "The Fish Issue." "...I would like to wish you a warm welcome to 'Historians Anonymous' (HA) where our credo is 'Everyone who wants to be a historian, is.'"

No. 2 (Summer 1996). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x5 1/2". 15 pages. "A Generic Mail Art History," reprinted from "Global Mail."

No. 4 (Summer 1997). Photocopy. 11"x8 1/2". (40 pages). "The focus of this issue is the postal service." Mark Bloch (USA) contributes "A Brief History of Postal Art."

No. 5 (Winter 1998). Photocopy. 8 1/2"x5 1/2". 30 pages. "A Non-History of Mail Art," by John Held, Jr. (USA). "A history of mail art? Yes, they've been written and more will follow. Each will have it's own twist. Be a little wary of each one. They are all written from a centrist view, when no such view actually exists." Followed by "Bloch's Reaction to Held's Reaction."


History of Pagiarism, The. (Stephen Perkins), Editor. Plagiarist Press, Iowa City, Iowa. 1992.

Vol. 1 (1992). Photocopy. 5 1/2"x4 1/4". (20 pages). "(the footnotes)." Subjects covered include plagiarism, detournement, Stewart Home, "Art Strike," "The Festival of Plagiarism," xerography, Mail Art, Ralph Rumney, etc. Green cover.

Vol. 1 (1992). Photocopy. 5 1/2"x4 1/4". (20 pages). Variant copy with blue cover.

Vol. 1 (1992). Photocopy. 5 1/2"x4 1/4". (20 pages). Variant copy with red cover.    


Hoje Hoja Hoy. Graciela Gutierrez Marx, Editor. Asociación Latinomericana y del Caribe de Artistascorreo, La Plata, Argentina. 1985-1992.

Vol. 1, No. 1 (January 1985). Newsprint with rubber stamp. 9 3/4"x7 3/4". (8 pages). Statement by Hilda Paz (Argentina). Mail Art exhibition and publishing opportunities. Statements on Mail Art by Vittore Baroni (Italy), Lon Spiegelman (USA), Guy Bleus (Belgium), Mark Bloch (USA). "Manifesto of Asociacion Latinomericana y del Caribe de Artistascorreo."  C.D.O (Italy) Manifesto (1982). Original graphic by the editor inserted (edition 470/500).

Vol. 1, No. 2 (April/May 1985). Newsprint. 11 1/2"x8". (8 pages). Statement by Hilda Paz (Argentina). "El Artcorreo no Acepta se Definido," by the editor. Contributors listed for "Mamablanca" Mail Art exhibition. Mail Art exhibition and publication opportunities.

Vol. 1, No. 3 (July/August 1985). Newsprint. 11 1/2"x8". (8 pages). Manifesto of the "Association of Latin American and Caribbean Mail Artists," signed by Susana G. Lombardo (Argentina), Juan Ferreyra (Argentina) Alfedo Mauderli (Argentina), Hilda Paz (Argentina) and the editor. Contributions by Jesus Romeo Galdamez (Mexico), Bettina Rege (Argentina), Martin Raul Eckmeyer (Argentina), Rafael Cellini (Argentina), Crackerjack Kid (USA), Ruggero Maggi (Italy), et al. Inserted poster by Ruggero Maggi (Italy) and the editor (edition 170/400).

Vol. 2 No. 5 (March/April 1986). Newsprint with Mixed media. 11 1'2"x8". (8 pages). Graphics by Graciela G. Marx. Poster inserted.
No. 7 (September 1991). Photocopy with Rubber Stamp and Acrylic. 13 1/2"x8 1/2". (2 pages). Editorial. Announcement of a "Pre-Congress" in December 1991 with John Held, Jr. (USA) in La Plata, Argentina. Networker Congress announced for April 1992 in La Plata. 

No. 8 ([1992]). Photocopy. 13 1/2"x8 1/2". (2 pages). "NC92 Spirit Netlink Performance," by Crackerjack Kid (USA). "Resoluciones del Pre-Congreso 1992, Realizado en Argentina." "Art Strike 1990-93," information by Keith de Mendoza (England).


Honolulu Haole Flake. Indian Ralph (AKA Peter Mancusi), Editor. Indian Ralph Publication, Kappa, Hawaii. 1999.

(April 7, 1999). Color and B&W Photocopy. 11"x8 1/2". 11 pages. Contributions by Tim Mancusi (USA), Matt Tompson USA), Ed Giecek (USA), John Wirtz (USA), the editor, et al.


Howler on the Toilet, The. Jean-Paul Leonis, Editor. Wépion, Belgium. 1993.

No. 6 (October 1993). Photocopy. 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 42 pages. "The place, the habits, and everything which can be associated with the theme; shit and all about the toilets." 33 contributors including Fernand Barbot (USA), Guy Bleus (Belgium), Ruud Janssen (Holland), Pascal Lenoir (France), Magda Lagerwerf (Holland), Emilio Morandi (Italy), Reiu Túúr (Estonia), Guido Vermeulen (Belgium), et al. Mail Art exhibition and publication opportunities.

No. 7 (December 1993). Photocopy and Rubber Stamp. 8 1/4"x5 3/4". 42 pages. Introduction by Guido Vermeulen (Belgium). 23 contributors including J. Ahokas (Finland), Raimondo Del Prete (Italy), Mayumi Handa and Shozo Shimamoto (Japan), Christ Reider (USA), Klaus Rupp (Germany), András Voith (Hungary), et al. Mail Art exhibition and publication opportunities.  


Humboldt Da-Jest, The. Indian Ralph (AKA Peter Mancusi), Editor. Miranda, California. 1999.

(May 1, 1999). Color and B&W Photocopy. 11"x8 1/2". 30 pages. Contributions by 30 artists including Arthur Secunda (USA), buZ blurr (USA), Dadaland (USA), John Evans (USA), Lorana Chickadel (USA), Sticker Dude (USA), John M. Bennett (USA), Mick Mather (USA). Tim Mancusi (USA), John Held, Jr. (USA). et al.